A Linux passionate, programmer and full stack developer at poogi.

I have experience and wide knowledge in designing digital signage solutions including both server and client side.
My everyday work mostly concerns web technologies, but I know many other aspects of IT, such as:

I graduated from the IT studies, specializing in Networks and Operating Systems, at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Technology in Warsaw, Poland.


I am a hard worker. I like my job, and I put my heart and soul into it.
Right now I work mostly in JavaScript (React) and PHP (symfony).
I value order and simplicity. I treat the latter as a remedy for today's digital world main illness - bloat.

I am a open minded person. I think I am easy to talk to, but people say, that I don't really have a gift for explaining things.


As it's often with programmers, my hobby is... well programming.
But not only. I have a few unique things that are fun for me.

I like configuring stuff. I have a serious passion for having my custom linux desktop setup, that only I understand and find useful. I love suckless stuff, especially dwm, st. I have my own `arch`rice files here, feel free to use.
I like working with linux in general, the idea and the reasoning.

Like stated above, I glorify simplicity. I find it fun to optimize things, to make them simple. Nothing's more satisfying, than rewriting 100 lines of code into several ones.

I also like biking and hiking.


You won't find me on f___book, or anything like that. I'm a free and happy person.
I also blame companies like that for changing today's world in a bad way into what it is right now.
Especially Internet, is not what it was supposed to be.

Other things I like